**OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT** Please read this

Lisa Rogers eqwq.lrogers at state.ut.us
Mon Feb 19 21:38:15 MST 1996

Since somebody asked...

This is about official policy on censorship _and_ the technical
problems of the list.  These two things may now seem to be related,
because if one's post does not appear on the list, and one does not
know what is going on, one might think that it had been censored.

This is NOT the case.

The info sheet which each subscr*ber receives when subscr*bing
explains that there is no censorship on this list.  There is no
person screening posts, approving contents of posts, exerting
editorial control, snipping threads, imposing a party line, NO

We each should moderate ourselves, and we may influence each other,
but only through the power of the pen/keyboard, which we each

However, for the last few weeks there have been technical problems,
not just with marxism, but with all of the lists run by the Spoon
Collective.  For the last few days things have been looking much
better onlist, but the problems are not yet completely repaired - or
even identified!

On-going tech-problems [symptoms]:

marxism-digest is still completely disabled.
Some posts are delayed an unnpredictable amount of time.
Some posts disappear into cyber-void and are never seen by anyone.
Some posts go to some members of the list, but not to other members.
No notification is received by anyone about any of these things,
including the Spoons [tech-admin]

Service providers at Virginia as well as Spoons are still working on

I do appreciate hearing reports [off-list] of tech problems, not
because Spoons don't know that this is still happening, but because
I'm watching for it to _stop_ happening.

Please be aware that there are still tech-problems, even though
things have generally been looking very functional onlist lately, as
far as I can see.

As has been announced here before, I suggest that you keep copies of
what you have sent, and if it has not shown up within a day or so
onlist, then re-send it.

Lisa Rogers

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