Saddam Hussein and "Enemy of my enemy... etc

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Mon Feb 19 22:45:15 MST 1996

I'm picking one small item out of Jerry's posting on slanders etc., that
in which he says the argument that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" has
been applied to Saddam Hussein.
This seems balderdash: I do not know of anyone I have met in person or
in print who had much good to say of Hussein <snip>

Jerry (1)
There were a number of [primarily ultra-leftist] sects who claimed that
Hussein was an "anti-imperialist fighter" and denied any atrocities on
Hussein's part. One such sect in my neighborhood was the "Class War
Organizer" (a mass-based party that totals 3-5 members). These same
people, along with some anarchists that I know, *celebrated* the bombing
of the World Trade Center.

Jerry (2)
... and weren't there some rather large progressive organizations in
the Middle East that uncritically supported Hussein and Iraq during the
Gulf War? While Hussein was slaughtering opponents in Iraq and members of
oppressed nationalities, what did they have to say?

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