Inflation & Unemployment; lecture NYC 2-22

Brian Carnell briand at
Mon Feb 19 23:49:11 MST 1996

Uh, please don't confuse this nonsense with libertarian notions of how the
market works.  In fact it's nonsensical, since monopolistic pricing *will*
stabilize over time.

Inflation is caused by a variety of things, all which boil down to a lack of
information by consumers on the real value of certain forms of productions.
Government intervention in the market places is often a major contributor to
inflation, whether it be through the federal reserve's tinkering with the
money supply or government subsidies which, like monopolies, act to disguise
the true value of some industries' output.

At 08:49 PM 2/19/96 -0500, Justin wrote:
>A good libertarian notion! --Justin
>> Inflation is caused by monopolies protecting their profits by putting
>> prices up.

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