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Tue Feb 20 01:02:29 MST 1996

Sorry, Boddhi, but you still don't get it.  When a group has that
kind of structure/culture, it **cannot be changed from within**

That's, like, exactly the point.  If they were responsive to their
own membership, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Like I've said before, I'll unite in action with almost anybody for a
specific, concrete battle, I have and I still do that with one group
right here in the town of the salty puddle.  But join them?  Never.
I had a rough enough time escaping from the Mormons, after 17 years
of indoctrination, starting at birth.

Perhaps a good way to "expose" them is to listen to the dissenters
who have _already_ been expelled for _trying_ to "undermine" the
group from within.

That's my suggestion.


>>> boddhisatva <kbevans at>  2/20/96, 12:34am >>>
	What I was saying implies, in a very straighforward way, that the
behavior which you so coprolalicly protest should be undermined.  I
simply think that it should be undermined by positive action from
within rather than ineffectual ranting and finger-pointing.

Obviously, groups trying to control their members' lives are
intolerable.  The question is how best to expose people who demand
loyalty to "fearless leader" and idiot rituals to promote "cohesion",
to scrutiny and ridicule.  My own view is that partisan sniping is
less than effective.  Thus, I suggest undermining.

What do you suggest?
peace and tranquility,

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