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Tue Feb 20 15:16:37 MST 1996

Jon Flanders:
> It seems to me that there needs to be more reporting on the actual state of
>the class struggle where each of us live and work. That is the real value of
>cyberspace to workers.There can be cheap, available access to a variety of
>experiences in our own countries and around the world without the editorial
>interference of capitalist newspapers, union officials, or even our favorite
>political group.

I agree worker international communication on the Internet--ideally with an
encryption system--is essential to the future of labor. I hope this is
something an organization like Labor Party Advocates will push for. I'd like
to hear more about your railroad workers network, like how it is funded.

Most of us in the Teamsters don't object to having a fraction of our dues
used for international solidarity, in spite of the recent Sweeney disaster.
But it wouldn't it be much more meaningful  to hear from our counterparts in
say, Mexico, how they are benefiting (or not) from those funds themselves?
And there is nothing like hearing about the ongoing realities of child-labor
exploitation to remind us what the consequences are if we don't start winning
more battles than we lose.

There are some excellent worker newspapers, but too often labor events that
could benefit from solidarity action are reported after the fact.  What about
the picket in Washington at National Mediation Board in November, protesting
their handling of the BMWE--Conrail dispute? I heard about  it a month later.

I forgot to mention when I was telling you about the protests here over the
merger of BN and Santa Fe, the Local paid for a prominently displayed
billboard that said in big letters "DFL--Definately Failed Labor" that
generated a lot of controversy.
I confess I am in the growing minority that still hasn't completely turned
off all the Democrats, although I haven't voted for one since 1992. They have
generally failed us miserably, but most of them opposed NAFTA and a few
(Wellstone, for one) always vote our way. The thought of supporting Buchanan
is little more than a dialectical excersize.

Sally Ryan

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