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Tue Feb 20 18:56:12 MST 1996

In response to the re-hashed SWP/Jack Barnes (or was it James Cannon who
first thought it up) version of history, allow me argue that the main focus
of the CPUSA during the Roosevelt Administration was twofold; the passage of
social legislation (unemployment compensation, social security--both opposed
by organized labor) and the organization of basic industry into
communist-influenced unions.  This was later subsumed in the more critical
war against Hitler and the opening of the Second Front.  Stalin did not have
a "love affair" with Roosevelt, regardless of SWP misinformation; he saw in
the American President a possible modifying force for allied positions during
the post-war world.  In view of history, this was probably a tenable view.
 The Trotskyites in the SWP during WWII had very little to show for their
efforts in 1945.  That most of them ended up at various points on the right
of the political spectrum, and that relatively few of them were persecuted
during the McCarthy era, is of course well known.  As this period recedes
further into history, we must insure that a new generation of workers are not
blindly misled by those whose own record of persistent failure leaves them
with an axe to grind.
                                                     Louis Godena

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