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Tue Feb 20 19:23:27 MST 1996

At 04:30 PM 2/18/96 -0500, you wrote:
>> Two questions,
>> 1.) Does the SWP want to end capitalism?
>> 2.) Does the SWP want a socialist future?
>>      Something tells me that the answer to both of these questions is yes.
>> --Mike Dean
>>   A friend (but not a member) of the SWP.

The question is not ends but means;  Both the CP & SWP say (or are) for
socialism, but one thinks the proper means is to help the democrats and the
other by putting forward the banner "one solution - revolution".

The qusetion you should ask the SWP or any other socialists is how they plan
to bring about socialism.

A secondary question (which however is organicly tied to the first) is what
type of socialism they are fighting for -- Stalinism, Anarchism, Maoism, etc.

The party I am a member of Labor Militant tries to fight for socialism
through a transational program.  Linking todays demands for reforms with
revolution, or other words, building a bridge between workers current
conciousness (which is not by any stretch of the imagination revolutionary)
and the objective need for socialist revolution.  Unlike many ultra-left
groups whose only program is revolution, we have a concrete program with
demands (i.e. $12.50 minium wage, a labor party, national health care).  We
fight inside unions for democracy and for a fighting program.  We fight for
a workers party (we have done alot of work with Labor Party Advocates).  I
could go on, but this l*st is to verbose already.

Philip Locker

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