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Justin Schwartz jschwart at
Tue Feb 20 19:31:32 MST 1996

OK, do you really want to get into this? Very briefly: D's position, that
all men are rapists, that all heterosexual sex is rape, and that any
representation of heterosexual sex is actually violence against women, is
so extreme and impluasible that it's funny. It's a caricature of any
sensible feminist attitude towards rape and women's subordination.
Unfortunately, D's position is popular in certain feminist circles and has
attined a measure of legal and political currency in ordinances banning
pornography. In Canada, where Dworkin-MacKinnon inspired laws have been
established nationally, these have been used to censor lesbian literature.
I regard both these results as unfortunate.


On Tue, 20 Feb 1996, Lisa Rogers wrote:

> But you're not going to explain why either?
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> >  No, rape is not funny. But Dworkin is, rather. Or would be if she
> wewren't so influential. --jks
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