Fight is on for a socialist oriented British Labor Party

Adam Rose adam at
Tue Feb 20 04:49:04 MST 1996

Leo replies to me :

> In a message dated 96-02-16 11:57:53 EST, you write:
> >The vast majority of those who argue that the timing of a split is
> >wrong do so because in practise they have no intention of splitting.
> And this is a crime? Geez, this is enough to drive one to the old Stalinist
> rhetoric about "splitters and wreckers."

Well, it's not a crime.
But it is a mistake, as I outlined in the rest of that message.

The SLP is right to break with Labour. My criticism is that they
have only broken organisationally, but not politically.

Incidentally, as Will Brown reports , the SLP has won over a majority
of the RMT ( the rail union ) executive ( or at least that's what
I read in the Guardian ). This is their first significant breakthrough.


Adam Rose


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