fascism, buchanan, etc.

Bryan A. Alexander bnalexan at umich.edu
Tue Feb 20 21:17:01 MST 1996

Some good points...
	...but again, we need to keep in mind that fascism (by all of our
defs, now) is *always* in response to a broadly-threatening underclass
insurgency.  We're not seeing that now, in any way.
	However: real wages have fallen about 1% each year for the past
20 or so.  So perhaps this election will help catalyze resentment, which
may move (with our help) into resistance and insurrections.  *Then*
fascism will emerge - and it can rely on roots from today.  So Buchanan
isn't important for '96, but for what he might organize and coalesce.
	(Again, Buchanan is pushing me towards Hegelianism: in '91 or so
Clinton abandons traditional Democrat rhetoric about the underclass.  Yet
this concern - still present in the welt. - manifests in Buchanan.  Dole
tries to take part of this thunder and ends up mouthing pro-worker and
anti-corporation sentiments.  Clinton responds by defending NAFTA and
corporate subsidies...!)

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