Iraq War, Saddam Hussein.

Adam Rose adam at
Tue Feb 20 07:59:57 MST 1996

We did call for a defeat for US ( and UK ) Imperialism in the gulf war.
If someone then said, "so you want Saddam to win then ?" I'd have said
yes. This does not mean we support a single one of Saddam's policies.
We'd have supported freedom for the Kurds, supported strikes etc
against Saddam, and tried to encourage and link up with working
class anti Imperialist movements in the rest of the middle east ( which
were breaking out at the time ).

This sort of position can be summed up as "military but not political
support" of the sort that Trotsky explained in the 30's , in relation
to Abyssinia,Spain, Manchuria ( and WWII as a whole ).

I think a "neither Saddam nor Bush" position effectively abstained on the
question of whether a victory for Imperialism is in the interests of
workers across the world.


Adam Rose


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