Klehr, the CP and the New Deal

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 Fascinating stuff, Louis.  I'd tend though to date the Cold War later than 45.  There was still a possibility of a continuation of the New Deal arrangement for a bit longer- maybe until 47 or even 49.  I have a reference here which I will look up.

Certainly in Australia the Cold War doesn't really begin until 49 with the advent of the conservative Menzies govt.

The CPs were crucial in getting the working class from the dole queues to the trenches.  Certainly in Britain they strove mightily to get the working class to accept the arch reactionary Churchill. Strachey whose work on fascism I admire was a worshipper of Churchill even though  the latter had a distinct talent for military disasters.  I once read that Beaverbrook the Press Baron contemplated overthrowing Churchill in a coup and ruling Britain with the aid of the Communist shop stewards, so there must have been a good deal of suppressed criticism.

It is also interesting to note that it was until after the Battle of Stalingrad that Chruchill was able to travel north and address the English miners whom he had helped crush in 26.  I would love to know of the role of the CP in organising the mass meeting he addressed.



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