Buchananism--Bad Cops/good cops swindle

neil 74742.1651 at compuserve.com
Wed Feb 21 01:18:49 MST 1996

Dear John,

liked your exposure of the right wing-populist demagogy of Pat Buchanan!
Also your comments on the true corporate building politics of  Billy "Blow Dry"

 One Problem in the "left swamp" her in the US  is that most all leftists except
a small minority  have brown-nosed their way inside  around and thru the
bourgeois Democratic Party as a near  profession .
They mostly  will probably use the Buchanan surge now to make more  politically
bankrupt arguments for their   alleged "lesser evil politics" for strengthing
and legitimizing the capitalist state "democracy"--which in  right wing or left
wing form is still a bosses  machine for the law and order of repression against
the working class by calling for more donkey work for Clinton and his wings of
the exploiters.

More workers are however getting wise to this fraudulent "good-cop--bad-cop'
scheming by the Democrats and The Republicans.

Workers will have to build their own  resistance to capitalist misery movement
based on new Political/industrial organizations of struggle--from below
--against the DP/RP and their wage slavery system!

Where did you get the info. on the UE and Teamsters backing immigrant workers ?
It's true some of the union hacks have postured about this racism and chauvinism
(They usually have significant Latino #s in their locals). But John, they have
handed over most their COPE politcal capital AGAIN to the Democrats and both
the DP and RP are for ripping the guts out of immigrants thru scapegoating/
Migra raids/sweated labor just as much as Republicans--look at the theory of the
DP dominated  Jordan Commission and the practice of the police agencies of the
neo-liberal clinton state!

In the union i'm in , a "liberal one"  ,& immigrant scapegoating is not only
tolerated but even encouraged by a significant minority of the hacks.
All  resistance actions on behalf of immigrants organized here  in this union
have been by dissident rank and file caucuses, Latino worker protection groups,
Many more rightist  union hacks may secretly admire Buchanan, he pushes
"protectionist "schemes", demagogically Denounces NAFTA-GATT-WTO, is for America
first chauvinism, wants to keep women workers in second class status,
blames "foreigners" immigrants, homosexuals  for the capitalist crisis , he is
Big on Asian , mainly China-Japan (worker)) bashing, has called for a more
"European ' looking america by the year 2015, if not sooner ,etc..
Gee, 80% of this  sounds like a lot of the views of AFL/CIO labor faker hackery
over the past period. Helps them cover over thier own roles in signing  mass
concessions contracts, sabotoging strikes, accepting  speed-ups , layoffs, and
benefit cuts.

You are right to oppose the Buchanan(Dole)ites and Clintonites both, but
electoralism (except anti-parliamentary propaganda) today is a real dead end and
just sows more illusions that some wing of the rich will rescue the workers.


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