Anglo-Saxon expletives

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Wed Feb 21 06:59:03 MST 1996

Speaking of "fuck" - and now that decency is enshrined in US law it's
practically our duty as Marxian troublemakers to use the word as often as
possible - isn't there some classic Trotskyist position that's very
anti-cussowrd, because such language debases the working class? Since I
have 20 years of formal education, am I allowed to use the word, if I
insert it into complex, closely reasoned sentences, like a peppercorn in a

And speaking of complexity, how about that research, reported in today's
New York Times (based on an article in the Journal of the American Medical
Association), showing that people who use complex structures in their
idea-laden prose are far less likely to develop Alzheimer's than those who
write in simple, idea-free sentences? Does that mean that the incidence of
Alzheimer's is very low among Marxists? Any psychoepidemiologists on this



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