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Wed Feb 21 08:30:39 MST 1996

Ralph D tells us:

>Yeah, tell 'em, Justin.  For all you p.c. lunkheads out there, the joke hinges
>on two things, knowing who Dworkin is, and the word "screw".  It's bad
>enough you fucking dimwits couldn;t respond to my Feurbach postings, but
>you can't even figure out a simple joke.  Here I pour out my heart and soul
>for you, and what do I get? Duhhhhhh.  Why do i even bother?

Pearls before swine, eh? Misunderstood genius? How's the wife?

Imagine this attitude in the leadership of a party.

Imagine something going wrong.

Imagine where the leadership would tend to place the blame.



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