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     Comrade Enver Hoxha, founder of the Communist Party of
Albania, which was later called the Party of Labour of Albania, was
the architect of the national liberation war of the Albanian people
against Italian fascist aggression, German Nazi occupation and
against internal reaction. He linked the national liberation war
with the people's democratic revolution and the building of
socialism. Albania was liberated on November 29, 1944 one of the
first countries to achieve this in Europe. Enver Hoxha was also the
leader of the anti-revisionist ideological and polemical struggle
against all forms of modern revisionism, especially against
Titoite, Soviet, Euro-communist, and the Chinese varieties. He was
one of the greatest communist revolutionary leaders of the
post-Second World War period especially during the sixties,
seventies and until his death in 1985. He fought relentlessly
against imperialism, revisionism, and in defence of the national
liberation movement, socialism and revolution.
     Communism did not fall in Eastern Europe during 1989-1991
period as some people suggest. What fell during this period was
pseudo-socialism as capitalist restoration in the Soviet Union and
elsewhere, except Albania, had already taken place. It started with
the "de-Stalinization campaign" in the later half of the nineteen
fifties. What fell during this period of 1989-91 was a world system
of states that had come into being with the creation of the
socialist and people's democratic states after the victory over
fascism. Once this system of states collapsed, which was one side
of the bipolar world, Socialist Albania fell as well for its trade
and other economic and cultural relations historically were with
Eastern Europe. Ramiz Alia played a negative role after the death
of Enver Hoxha with his line of "continuity." He did not pay
attention to the changing internal and international situation and
finally succumbed to the illusion of "democratization" presented as
"renovation," and the PLA was taken over by the social democrats
nestling in the Party.

Shawgi Tell
University at Buffalo
Graduate School of Education

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