On Buchanan and Big Capital

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Wed Feb 21 19:48:21 MST 1996

It has been quite a treat these 24 hours to witness the likes of Wm Bennet,
Kemp, Gramm, Dole, Clinton, et al, people who would crawl across their dying
mother to fuck their sister, bemoan the legacy of "Liincoln and Reagan" and
the turn toward "intolerance"(!) and "isolationism" that Buchanan's victories
are steering the Republican Party(!!)  Of course, there was hardly a peep out
of them in August 1992 when ole' Pat was calling for a "holy war" against
gays, "abortionists", liberals, agnostics, intellectuals, virtually anyone
who was outside the American Way of Life circa 1952.
The real problem is, of course, this whole thing of free trade.  Mr. Buchanan
will, clearly, be bad for business.  And he's stirring up the swinish
multitude, to boot.  People who no doubt eat American cheese, earn low-end
wages, and drive used pick-up trucks, the old "popcorn, pretzels, beer and
fear" working class bogeymen of Professor Proyect's fertile imagination.  In
fact, PP's analysis of Buchanan "fascism" could have easily been
ghost-written for Al Gore or Ann Lewis.
What is a member of America's working class and dedicated member of the
disloyal opposition to do?  I do confess to a sneaking delight watching
Buchanan, Clinton, Alexander, et al, these TEN DOLLAR WHORES at each others'
throats, clawing and gouging their way to a "power" that has been scripted
long ago by the people who really run this country, and whose (real) power is
impervious to the vagaries of anyone who is "elected" President, or, for that
matter, anything else.
And, of course, let us not forget Jesse Jackson, Paul Wellstone, Sanders,
etc.  They have already begun to traffick in their own brand of
"Buchananism"--spreading the bogey of fear in a shabby attempt to bolster
their own flagging public fortunes, peddling the counterfeit of electoral
politics in order to lull people's passions and reduce them to mere
non-threatening non-comformity, the lowest common denominator of American
political ennui.
Capital is, surely, not afraid of Pat Buchanan, despite the cries of protest
emanating from a noisy section of their subordinates.  He may, however, have
to be junked; there are "social" issues that can still offend those who
otherwise are perfectly content with the overall thrust of the neo-liberal
"new world order."  They can still make trouble, and their wants are
"prudence to relieve, but folly to cure."  Capital, no matter who wins, is
safe.  Such is the nature of our retrograde political culture.
                                          Louis Godena

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