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Thu Feb 22 23:20:18 MST 1996

nd also never to use the n-word if you are
>not black, unless maybe you run into that exceptional person that
>really really really deserves it.

Ralph, please indicate to me what (you think) someone would have to do to
deserve being called that.  A follower of Lassalle's politics?  Or would he
just have to look like Lassalle?

Rahul, I don't have the slightest idea of what you were trying to prove.

This whole exchange makes me sick to my stomach, and I am certain that it
has chased more than one person off this list.

I can't believe that anybody would begin a thread like this not
understanding that it would necessarily draw people into a very painful
discussion which will sink some into  depression and waste the time of

Note that there is no language with which to counter your self-perceived
flippancy; that is, the word only serves to indicate that the humanity of
only those to whom the term can be applied can be questioned both verbally
and, increasingly, institutionally.  The very existence of the word remains
a badge of inferiority which is worn by anyone to whom it can be applied.

There was no indication in your message that you are in the slightest
sensitive to this meaning of the word.

 'Coolie'  does not carry the same connotation in the US, and you are
mainfestly from a class which maintains such prejudices against the
exploited anyway.

 I hope that the moderators intervene to make clear that certain guidelines
must be enforced to make this a place where people feel comfortable to both
joke around and carry out real arguments.


ps I have now read your last message in which you claim the right to use
the expletive because you have been called one.  But the point is that you
can maintain a certain bemused distance from the expletive because you can
escape the encompassment of its dehumanization by asserting and believing
that you have simply been mistaken for a n...r.

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