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Wed Feb 21 23:31:02 MST 1996

Hello,  I  will  like  to  call  myself  gato. I  want  to  salute  the
participants  of  this  list  by  bringing  up something of   what  i  am
up  to,  and  ask  for  constructive  commentary .
        i  am  a  high  school  senior  in  anchorage  alaska, at  a
alternative  school. At  the  begining  of  the  school  year  I  began  my
self  directed  study  of  Historical  materialism  cornerstone  writings
( the  1958 Preface, The  Grundrisse, The  German Ideology) and  Marx
       The  problem  has  been  one  of  isolation. Many  of  my  fellow
students  at  school,  have  read  a  little  of  marx,  but  most  of
them  reject  marx  dogmatically.
        in  the  course  of  time,  however, i  have  helped    some  of
my  friends in formation  of  an  anti-alienation  group. The  purpose  of
this  group, we  decided,  was  to  act  spontaneously. We  identified
alination  as  strangement ( which  reminded  me  of  marx  Estranged
Labour) from  others  and  from  one  self. and  the  cause  of  this
alienation  as  the  non   authenticity  of  our  acts.
        all  of  this, for  me,  sounded   like  anarchism  only, so  i
wanted  to  see  if  marxist  theory  could  help  us also. My  focus  then
became,  Commodity  fetichism,  for  i  suspect  it  is somethin   that
affects  our  way  of  living. yet  It  has  been  hard  to  try  to  talk
to  my  friends  about  such  a  reality. And  even  if  i  do,  I  only
seem  to  make  the situation  overwhelming, specially  if  i  don't
present  a  way  to  fight    this  phenomenon.
        Our  activities  up  to  now  have  focused  on  the  groups
internal  alienation  from  eachother,  and  a  few  spontaneous  trips  to
differents  places,  to  see  if  alienation  was  existent  there  too. (
We  went  to  a  bank,  to  a  store,  to a museum)
        I  believe  a  basic  problem  we  face is a weakness  in   our
comprehension  of  how  the  capitalist  system  works. But  also  because
most of  the  participants  in  the  group  are  quite  idealistic  in  the
sense  that  they  still  are  exploring  what  a  "system  is"  and  if
one  tells  them  that  there  is  a  "capitalist  system"  they  have
their  doubts  about   that.  They  also  are  still  not  sure  what  to
do  after  graduating,  and their  response  to the  chioces  the  system
lives  they  only  seem  to  have  been  predisposed  with  dogma,  and
not  rooted  in  critical  thinking.
        I  am  no  quite  sure  what  to  do?
I  will  apreciate  your  help.
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                                        Sub commander  el  gato. Ak
                                        member  of  Spontaneous

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