Iraq War, Saddam Hussein.

Adam Rose adam at
Thu Feb 22 01:55:37 MST 1996

> Adam:
> >I think a "neither Saddam nor Bush" position effectively abstained on the
> >question of whether a victory for Imperialism is in the interests of
> >workers across the world.


> I hardly see this as the point. The only point for me was "Do you want the
> Americans to kill hundreds of thousands of Iraqis with their wonderful
> high-tech weaponry or not?" Workers around the world have gone on getting
> screwed in exactly the same way they would have had Iraq not been so
> effectively destroyed.

Of course, opposition to the war quite rightly started with the horror
of the war itself. One of the main jobs of socialists was to expose
the "pin point bombing" rubbish, and to expose the purpose of the war
as a war for oil. "If Kuwait grew carrots, we wouldn't give a damn".

But if America had been beaten, workers would have gained
confidence from the defeat of the world's remaining super power.
Consider what effect the defeat in Vietnam had on the class struggle


Adam Rose


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