Iraq War, Saddam Hussein.

Adam Rose adam at
Thu Feb 22 03:04:05 MST 1996

> Adam:
> >
> >But if America had been beaten, workers would have gained
> >confidence from the defeat of the world's remaining super power.
> >Consider what effect the defeat in Vietnam had on the class struggle
> >internationally.

> Agreed, if you mean workers in the Third World. American and European
> workers would most definitely not have gained confidence (except for some
> commies, of course). I confess I wasn't really thinking of that point,
> since the possibility of America's being beaten was similar to that of
> Saddam's going to care for people in Goa with AIDS.

No, also workers in the West. Again, the comparison with Vietnam stands.
The anti war movement fed into the social revolts of the late 60's, and
a successful anti war movement in the 90's would have done the same.

But I agree, in a conventional war, Iraq didn't stand a chance. The only
hope was mass opposition in the middle east and the "West" destabilising
Imperialism to such an extent that withdrawal became the only option.

This required socialist politics though - freedom for the Kurds, which
would have given Turkey problems, strikes amongst the Palestinian,
Pakistani etc oil and construction workers, real support for the
Palestinian struggle ( not just a few pointless scuds ) etc etc.
And obviously all this sort of thing would have involved a battle
inside Iraq against Saddam.


Adam Rose


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