Boddhi's recommendations on verbal abuse

boddhisatva kbevans at
Thu Feb 22 04:37:58 MST 1996


	Naturally I accept your implicit apology to the mother tongue - ;) .

	I've heard the tales of a thousand  words for the naughty bits, and
naturally I was intrigued.  I would retort, however, what a female comedian
recently did - that American men can make up any term for breasts and
immediately recognize it as such.  I've experimented with this theory and
found that it holds up quite well.  I was amazed how far one could extend the
colorful metaphor "twin cimenas" and still convey the intended meaning with a
minimum of context.

	Still one likes to know what the competittion is up to.  I'm
surprised that Punjabi could have much profanity.  Most of the people I've
met from that region seemed so polite, it's hard for me to imagine a dark
side to their conversation.  Well, I suppose it's always the quiet ones.



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