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>Why We Need A Labor Party

>        Mazzocchi and other leading trade unionists formed LPA in 1991.
>Mazzocchi now serves as a special assistant to the President of the Oil,
>Chemical and Atomic Workers International Union (OCAW).  He is a former
>secretary-treasurer of OCAW and has been a leader of that union for many
>years.  As a leader of OCAW, he has been in contract negotiations with
>giant multinational energy corporations.

>        Labor Party Advocates believes that both major parties serve the
>interest of big business.  Our basic rights - to earn a living wage with
>benefits and to strike without being replaced - have deteriorated while
>multinational corporations continue massive layoffs, move our jobs
>overseas and refuse to pay their fair share of taxes.

>        Recent political defeats - NAFTA, GATT, striker replacement,
>health care and labor law reform - make it clear that the voice of
>working Americans is not being heard.   Labor needs its own voice, its
>own agenda.  It is time to tap our movement's vast financial resources,
>experience, and, most of all, the energies of our millions of members to
>create a political party that will speak for working people.

>        LPA is not running or endorsing candidates for office. But LPA is
>working to create a new party based on organized labor with a pro-worker
>economic,  social, and political agenda.

>        Since 1991, LPA has garnered the support of many unions around
>the country.  From June 6-9, 1996, LPA will be holding the official
>founding convention of the Labor Party of the United States in Cleveland,
>Ohio.  Delegates attending the convention be chosen by trade unions, LPA
>chapters and pro-worker organizations which have endorsed LPA.

>Some of the unions and labor bodies supporting LPA:

>Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers International Union (OCAW); United
>Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America (UE); Brotherhood of
>Maintenance of Way Employees; International Longshoremen's and
>Warehousemen's Union; National Executive Council of the American
>Federation of Government Employees; San Francisco Building Trades
>Council; San Francisco Labor Council; Calif. State Council of Carpenters;
>New Jersey Industrial Union Council; White River Central Labor Council,
>South Central Indiana; Santa Cruz County Central Labor Council, Calif.;
>Butler County (Penn.) United Labor Council; South Central Federation of
>Labor, Madison, Wis.; Carpenters Local 1359, Toledo, Ohio; Teamsters
>Local 922, Washington, D.C.; UTU Local 1402, Colinsville, Ill.; GCIU
>Local 15N, Columbus, Ohio; SEIU Local R14-164, Bexar County, Texas; IAM
>Local 1746A, Southington, Conn.; Teamsters Local 877, Linden, NJ;  NALC
>Branch 936, High Point, NC; GCIU Local 546M, Cleveland, Ohio; AFSCME
>Local 634, Madison, Wis.; District 1199 (SEIU); HERE Local 217, Hartford,
>Conn.; CWA Local 1033, Trenton, NJ; and many, many more.

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