Iraq War, Saddam Hussein.

Matt D. mattd at
Thu Feb 22 11:14:13 MST 1996

Rahul wrote:

>I think the comparison with the Vietnam war is a poor one at best. I'd be
>interested to hear what the general mood in Britain was, since it was
>reported to be the only country as gung-ho as the U.S. Over here,
>everybody, with the exception of maybe a million peaceniks was patriotic
>and jingoistic as hell about it.

Well, I don't want to suggest that this wasn't your experience, but I didn't
know hardly anyone who was "gung ho" about the war.  And considering
the anti-war movement that was able to assemble before the ground war
was even underway -- hell, before any of the shooting started -- including
in places like Pensacola, Florida (where, trust me, anti-Vietnam activity
was about zero), was I thought pretty impressive.

Hell, two big demos in DC in the space of two weeks?  That's not bad.

-- Matt D.

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