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Thu Feb 22 12:19:45 MST 1996

To Leo Casey:
     Did I say anything about the Khmer Rouge or Chomsky?
No.  I believe the evidence that mass murder happened there
is clear.  I also believe that it is clear in the case of
Stalin's USSR.
     I noted that in my post that I accepted the credibility
of Amnesty International which has said that both the gov't
and the PCP have engaged in murders.  Frankly I do not know
the credibility of the Enriques or Degregori.  Maybe they are
reliable sources, but some challenges have been made to their
credibility which I have not seen answered.
     Given their political lines and their approach on this
list, I find the credibility of the PCP supporters severely
lacking.  Nevertheless it remains the case that the bottom
line on what is happening with regard to a number of situations
in Peru, for example with the Ashinankas, is simply impossible
to determine accurately at this time.  Sorry if this upsets
some people.
     I fully expect to get further flamed on this and will
probably not say anything further.  As I already noted, I
intended to say nothing because I already knew that we don't
know a lot and that saying so will just draw flames from both sides.
     So I am out of here on this.  Period.  Flame away, folks.
Barkley Rosser

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