Maoism vs Hedda Hopper

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Thu Feb 22 13:11:06 MST 1996

Beaten back on the Peru thread, the Hedda Hopper of the left now turns his
sight on Mao.  As if that is not enough, he sets his sights on Quispe, Dan
Axtell, "and other Maoists," neglecting to mention that many of us who
support the PCP do not consider themselves Maoists at all.  I am speaking
strictly for myself here.  I am a Marxist-Leninist who feels that both Mao
and Stalin made important contributions to both Marxist thought and the
anti-imperialist struggle in the twentieth century.  My position is, I feel,
both tenable and perfectly consistent with the history of twentieth century
revolution.  Hedda and his increasingly few disciples on this list cannot win
by reasoned argument, they must resort to terms of abuse and propaganda
culled from the organs of imperialism.  I see Hedda and his ilk as the
pathetic remnants of a movement that has failed.  As I argued in my thread
"Trade Unions and the Left," we are in desperate need of alternatives to the
traditional institutions in this society, including those frequented by the
likes of our own Hedda Hopper.

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