Liu Shao-chi

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Feb 22 14:25:00 MST 1996


In the Cultural Revolution, Liu was charged as a "capitalist roader",
but the CCP and the Chinese people never knew what he really stood for,
did they? There were oceans of ink attacking the Liu Shao-chi faction,
but nothing that ever laid out its perspectives clearly for debate.

Is this the model that Axtell and company want Marxism to follow? Does
the PCP emulate this model as well? If the "greatest" Communist Party of
the 20th century could launch a destructive faction fight in which one
faction never published its ideas, what need do we have of ideas to begin
with? We might as well let some great helmsman like Gonzalo or Mao do our
thinking for us, since we would never get the chance to present differing
views to the party or the people anyhow.

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