What about Michael Dyson? -Reply

Rahul Mahajan rahul at hagar.ph.utexas.edu
Thu Feb 22 15:22:56 MST 1996

Thanks for the support, Lisa. I'm glad somebody 'got' it. The multiple
meanings were intentional in my case.

I generally agree with your point about not explaining. I thought perhaps I
could do some good by pointing out the difference between style and
substance. Also, I felt I had to say something since in the eyes of many
leftists I had done something far worse than, say, multiple axe murders.

Apropos of this, I'd like to share a little story about my father. Most
people I told it to didn't get it, either. Some white guy in the office
came up to him one day and asked him one of that legion of jokes along the
lines of "What do Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby have in common?" Something
like that. My dad said, "They're both [expletive deleted]." Then he walked
off, leaving one flabbergasted honkey. He's not even a little bit racist;
his point, which he didn't deign to explain, was first that no one would be
telling another stupid permutation of said joke if they weren't both black
and second that no matter what fame and success they achieve they're still
viewed by racists like this dude simply as black. That, I thought, was an
excellent use for the word, even if it has to be rationed out like angels'


BTW, I'm glad you enjoyed my recent posts but I'm not too satisfied myself.
I hope to post something more substantive in the near future.

>Rahul, I've enjoyed your recent posts.  I understood the 'spade' post
>very well and enjoyed it a lot, before you posted this explanation.
>I was considering calling Ralph on his own [PC?] aversion to the
>n-word, indeed, but you did it first.  Like minds?  Could be.
>Calling yourself a 'native' is a good one too, in a few different
>ways.  I enjoy multiple meanings, whether they are intentional or
>Obviously, not everybody 'got' it, about your spade post.  Some of
>them don't 'get' me either.  Sometimes I don't bother to try to
>explain.  Leave em guessing.

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