Iraq War, Saddam Hussein.

Rahul Mahajan rahul at
Thu Feb 22 15:33:45 MST 1996


>Well, I don't want to suggest that this wasn't your experience, but I didn't
>know hardly anyone who was "gung ho" about the war.  And considering
>the anti-war movement that was able to assemble before the ground war
>was even underway -- hell, before any of the shooting started -- including
>in places like Pensacola, Florida (where, trust me, anti-Vietnam activity
>was about zero), was I thought pretty impressive.
>Hell, two big demos in DC in the space of two weeks?  That's not bad.

Matt, I don't want to invalidate your experience either, but "hardly
anyone"??? We must not only hang with different crowds, we must have seen
different "local perspectives" on the news, read different letters to the
editor, the works.


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