Quiz Re: Klehr, the CP and the New Deal

Marcus Strom MSTROM at nswtf.org.au
Fri Feb 23 09:28:29 MST 1996

Tom! You are a winner!

> From:          Tom Condit <tomcondit at igc.apc.org>
> Date:          Wed, 21 Feb 1996 15:34:28 +0000
> Subject:       Re: Quiz Re: Klehr, the CP and the New Deal

> 1. The U.S. armed the Viet Minh during World War II, as did Chiang
> Kai-Shek's nationalist government in China.
> 2. I think that Ho Chi Minh was being paid the Office of Strategic
> Services, the forerunner to the C.I.A.

> First correct answer wins a Czech crystal whiskey decanter and six
> matching tumblers, a Jane Fonda diet and exercise tape with matching
> big screen TV and video, a set of steak knives, a jet ski, an all
> expenses paid holiday to ClubMed on the Australian Great Barrier
> Reef, two brand new BMW ( one for the men and a little run around for
> the ladies) and $120 000 cash!!!

To collect your prize, meet me at the south end of Bondi Beach in
Sydney on Saturday, February 24, 1996 at 4.30pm. No show and you
miss out!


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