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Thu Feb 22 23:00:45 MST 1996

>I have seen a dijeridoo and even handled one (hmmm).  IN NOvember
>some friends came down from Buffalo to perform in DC and one of
>the musicians broughthis dijeridoo.
>I did receive you rbook in the mail when I returned from out of
>town and I sent you a provate message thanking you profusely.
>Didn't you get my message?
>I don't intend to make a practice out of using the "n" word, but I
>will respond to this issue in mynext post to Rahul.
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>No I didn't get you post about the book, Ralph but I am delighted it made
it.  You are very welcome. Now why don't you post something about it?

The fact that you have seen and handled a didge means that you must be one
mean mother to ask someone to shove it!


school of media & journalism

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