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Fri Feb 23 03:42:56 MST 1996

On 23 Feb 1996, Michael Luftmensch wrote:

> Louis, you wrote "I think this is just the right time for me to turn back to
> my McCarthyism  study and leave the Peru/PCP thread to others."
> I'd like to ask you to reconsider. You have made many important contributions
> to the discussion. I too come from an anti-war movement, and cannot reconcile
> killing political opponents with our need to build bridges.

Louis: Part of the problem with discussing Peru and the PCP is that we
lack sufficient information. The very next issue of NACLA is devoted to
Peru and I expect it to be as informative as usual. Once again I urge
comrades to subscribe to this invaluable resource. (27$ to NACLA, 475
Riverside Dr., NY, NY 10115).

Also, once again I urge PCP supporters to try to find a way to put
communiques, manifestos, etc. from the PCP into their own words and not
simply re-post articles wholesale from New Flag and other sources. After
all, if you want to be effective spokespeople for this cause, you have to
find a way to express this support in a more personal mannner. I am,
despite all my references to Trotsky, much more of a "Castroite" than
anything politically but I wouldn't dream of re-posting articles from
Granma, etc. to this list.

Finally, on Godena. I think his use of "Lev Bronstein" was unconscious. I
don't think he is an antisemite. What I do think, however, is that he
should take a class in desktop publishing or something. He has an
aversion to paragraph returns that is almost pathological. I forgive him
for calling me Professor or Hedda Hopper or any other terms of withering
scorn this master polemicist can summon up, if only he would concentrate
on making his messages more readable. I have a myriad of complaints that
are typical of old men--prostate, baldness, flatulence, etc.--but the one
that gives me the most trouble is failing eyesight. Having to read the
sort of stuff that gets posted to this list is tough enough politically,
but having to read 3000 words strung together without a single paragraph
return is enough to make me want to quit this list and join OPERA-L.

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