Luigi Candreva luigi.candreva at altair.it
Fri Feb 23 04:04:00 MST 1996

     This is the 3th and last post on Buber Neumann, giving
some details on some anti-fascists and devoted communists
delivered by Stalin to the Nazi Germany during the Stalin-
Hitler pact.
     I didn't see any reply from our hardened stalinists to my
previous posts. I would like to have some comments, but I
understand that is very hard to justify Stalin's crimes
against sincere communists.

     Betty Olberg, communist simpathizer, jew, delivered to
Nazis in 1940.

     Bloch, jew of hungrian origins, former journalist of the
communist paper "Rhur-Echo", delivered to nazis in 1940 by the
Stalinist Russia.

     Can you imagine what happens to a communist jew in the
hands of the Gestapo?
     Stalin also, i guess, imagined that.
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