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Hello - I join this list about a month ago and I have just finished reading
the back log of postings and one thing that striked me was the petty

I know people are members of different left parties/orgainasions and  they
have to say that"our parties are better than yours", but I think it is time
to put more positive ideas of uniformity forward.

I am a member of the British section of the Committee for a Workers
International (Militant Labour) and as we all know my party is better than
yours - but seriously,  in Militant Labour in Britain we have put the idea
of Socialist Alliances into practice, meetings up and down the country have
taken place.

The idea of  the Socialist Alliances is not so that the small left groups
can huddle together for safty, but for a genuine organised body with Trade
Union support.

In Scotland a meeting titled "Socialist Forum 96" was held to set up the
Scottish Socialist Alliance. Over 400 people attended, including activists
from a number of Trade Unions, community leaders, members of the Labour
Party, the SNP, Scottish Militant Labour and various communist parties. The
meeting also atracted representatives from a broad range of single issue
campaigns, including peace activists, anti-motorway protesters, animal
rights campaigners, gay rights campaigners and anti- racist groups.
Speakers at the meeting included Bob Ritchie a Liverpool docker involved in
the bitter battle on Merseyside, Rosie Kane of residents against the M74 ,
Ex Labour MP Ron Bown, Allan Green of the Scottish Socialist Movement ,
Bill Bonnar of the Communist Party of Scotland, and Tommy Seridan of
Scottish Militant Labour.
Included in the aims and objectives of the SSA is the pledge "to replace
the free market capitalist economy with an economic system based on
democratic ownership and control of the key sectors of the economy. A
system based on social need and enviromental protection rather than private
profit and ecological destruction.
The SSa also pledges to build lthe closest possible links with socialists
in other parts of Britain, across Europe and Worldwide. It stands
ultimately for a new socialist world were poverty, starvation, evironmental
destruction, exploitation, war and racial hatred are eradicated"

Other meetings of Socialist Alliances include :

Bristol - Forty people attended a Bristol socialist Forum where Labour MP
Ron Thomas, Ian Marshall of Militant Labour and Dave Chapple Communications
Workers Union addressed the meeting.

Reading - Militant Labour and other activists met and Unanimously agreed
that a local socialist alliance should be formed.

Brent - Forty people attended a Socialist Forum meeting were a joint
campaign to stop Brent's Tory council shutting down nurseries was agreed.

Wales - 200 people attended the first public meeting of the Socialist
Labour Party in Cardiff were Pete Skelly, of the RMT executive,
enthusiastically proposed that the SLP in Wales would take part with Wale
Militant Labour and other socialist parties in a Welsh Socialist Alliance.

Manchester - over 70 people attended the first meeting to set up a
Socialist Alliance

 I could go on but I think I have made the point.

I get feed up of different sects going on and on about whos' party is the
best (especially the SWP who have had a total sectarian aproach to the
ideas of a Socialist Alliance)

The enemy is the World capitalists............

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                             All the best from Richard
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