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Fri Feb 23 10:40:38 MST 1996

Dear Mr. Proyect:
I am wondering what to make of the contradiction in
your reply.  You first accuse Maoists of excluding others who
don't agree with our views, then you go on to exclude
us because we hold revolutionary views. In the same breath
you practice what you accuse us of.

>So what do our Maoists do on this list? They embark on a
>path of reading everybody out of the revolutionary
>movement who does not share their view of the PCP. It is...

and then further down;

>If a mass socialist movement is built in the
>United States, it will have be because activists with
in the mass movement have decided to coalesce.

>There will not be a place for Maoism in this impure, revisionist
movement. You are too revolutionary for us. I...

Your response helps me to better understand your lack of
appreciation for Maoism though.  You don't want the ideology of
the Proletariat because it is too revolutionary.


> You and the rest of the Maoist movement should be the
>place people go when they choose verbal militancy over

Here is another contradiction.  Our Maoist movement is
fighting on the battlefields of Peru even now as you read.
The People's War is not verbal militancy.  We are using
our ideology to transform the world.  We are out to destroy
imperialism, and our militant *action* is going from victory to

And people should join us in this effort.  To destroy
imperialism we must join our struggle with the struggle of the
people all over the world, especially the most advanced struggle
in today's world: the People's War in Peru.
Contact: Peru Support Committee/Detroit
         P.O.Box 23306, Detroit MI   48223
         Phone: (313) 730-5213
or email:  detcom at sprynet.com


Jay Miles

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