Fwd: Finally, a reply to the Stalinist

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Fri Feb 23 11:34:59 MST 1996

Dear Jay Miles,

I said all of these things in a moment of unspeakable passion. I lost hold of
my senses but have come around.

I have been persuaded by your comrade Dan Axtell to stop picking fights
with PCP supporters. I have been wrong and I am submitting this
self-criticism to you and the list publically.

I eagerly look forward to your explanation of why you support the PCP.
You are on center-stage of this list. The ball is in your court. A
thousand eyes are watching Jay Miles.

I expect to learn much about Peru from your efforts. I would once again
only prevail upon you to make judicious use of re-posting lengthy
material from New Flag. It is not that I have any particular objection to
this practice, it is just that this sort of thing tends to be very dry
and offputting in this type of medium. But go ahead if you feel compelled
to do so, not that you need this revisionist's permission.

I certainly don't have any intention of trying to "expose" the PCP any
longer. I have some pressing duties to attend to that involve the
Buchanan presidency, computers and socialism, etc. This whole PCP debate
has been a sorry detour for me and I wish I hadn't taken it.

A warm embrace from your Trotskyite/Castroite comrade,

Louis N. Proyect
Columbia University
Department of Hydrophonics, visiting scholar


On Fri, 23 Feb 1996 detcom at sprynet.com wrote:

> Dear Mr. Proyect:
> I am wondering what to make of the contradiction in
> your reply.  You first accuse Maoists of excluding others who
> don't agree with our views, then you go on to exclude
> us because we hold revolutionary views. In the same breath
> you practice what you accuse us of.

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