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**current activity (March 8):

Bhaskar and dialectics, Gramsci and Laclau/Mouffe, feudalism-capitalism
transitions, Bernie Sanders...

Any suggestions for the list will be welcomed.  Jump in with what interests
you, and please introduce yourself.** <snip>
MARXISM is an electronic forum for discussion and experimentation rooted
in both the work of Karl Marx and, more generally, the tradition(s) that
work has inspired since.  MARXISM is an open list - all interested parties
are invited and encouraged to participate. <snip>

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask one of the moderators.
Purpose of the list:

The MARXISM list has been conceived as a place to explore the field of
textual and political production generated by the work of Karl Marx (and
Friedrich Engels).

Clearly, this field encompasses a diversity of differing traditions and
figures, from Lenin and Luxemburg to Williams and West; the complete A to Z
from Althusser to Zizek, one might say.  It is not the intention of the
moderators of this list that any particular tradition or orthodoxy should
receive more attention or more "allegiance" on this list than any other.
Indeed, the moderators see little particular benefit in calling themselves
"Marxists" and scarcely require participants in the list's discussion
necessarily to identify themselves as "Marxists" either.

Rather, the list should be a forum for open engagement and enquiry with all
aspects of these Marxist traditions--and we hope that this will be an
interdisciplinary engagement, bringing together historians, economists,
sociologists, artists, literary critics, philosophers and so on.
Furthermore, while it is anticipated that the list will be primarily
"academic" in nature, this is by no means meant to devalue or prevent
contributions from activists or others outside the formal educational

List discussion may range from exegetical discussion of particular texts
to creative appropriations of other texts across a variety of disciplines.
One purpose of the list is to conduct "group readings" of particular
works or passages from Marx and/or others in the Marxist tradition.  At
times, the list may seem quite focused on such readings, but they tend
to disseminate in a wide variety of interesting and unpredictable ways.
Also, MARXISM is always open for comments, inquiries and texts on any
subject related to Marx and/or Marxism.  Those engaged in research will
find the list members a valuable source of feedback and bibliographical

However, list discussions need not be primarily "textual" and discussions
relating marxist theory to contemporary or historical situations are an
important part of list activity.

We particularly welcome contributions concerning the relations between
marxism and other liberatory thought, such as feminism, black studies,
queer theory, postcolonialism.  Constructive contributions from anyone
will be welcomed--there is no orthodoxy on the marxism list! <snip>
list "etiquette":

MARXISM is "unmoderated" and all posts to marxism at lists.village.
virginia.edu are distributed to the whole list without
being reviewed or approved by anyone.  MARXISM is also something of an
electronic community, which is self-governing and self-policing.
Ordinary respect and courtesy towards other list members is expected,
and flame wars are, of course, discouraged.  Recognizing, however, that
disputation is the norm in politics, threads will not be interrupted
simply becaue the tone grows heated, as it sometimes does.  Yet openness
and toleration of difference are to be valued above dogmatism (of
whatever stripe).  It is up to each of us to see to it that bad
temperedness or insensitivity does not become a problem.

Each list member is asked to help make the list work by being an active
participant--posting when you have something to contribute and letting
the rest of the list know when something happens on the list that concerns
you and that you would like the rest of the list to consider. <snip>

Please address any questions, comments, or concerns that are not
appropriate for the list as a whole to any or all of the list
moderators: <snip>

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