Buchanan and the Left

Godenas at aol.com Godenas at aol.com
Fri Feb 23 19:09:12 MST 1996

Reading over some of the stories in the left press (e.g. PWW, Militant,
Workers Vanguard, Socialist Worker), one is struck how closely their analyses
mirror that of Dole, Clinton, and the capitalist press itself.

Much ado is made of Buchanan's backwardness (his criticisms of the gay rights
movement, civil rights leaders, poverty organizations, the Israeli lobby,
etc), while relatively little attention is focused on the economic issues
that, apparently, resonate with large numbers of voters, especially those
earning less than $30,000 per annum (the left's "natural" constituency).

This evening on CNN's "Crossfire", the show's new "left" host (excuse me,
Louis Proyect, but I must put Geraldine Ferraro's position in quotation
marks), together with a lobbyist for the AFL-CIO blasted Buchanan for his
earlier opposition to the minimum wage, subsidized day care, etc.  Not a word
was said about Buchanan's denunciation of Goldman Sachs, the WTO or Moody's
(other than the familiar "liberal"` shibboleths about "protectionism" not
working, etc.).  It fell to the ultra reactionary Robert Kraft to actually
"defend" those workers downsized by American industry, while Geraldine and
our labor lobbyist pulled out all the stops for Clinton.

I am wondering if we are going to repeat 1968, when the mass of workers went
for Nixon and Wallace, 1980 & 1984(Reagan), and 1992 (Perot), while their
"leaders" sit around making lame excuses for Humphrey, Carter, and Clinton.
 How about a solid left critique of Buchanan, or, more importantly,

Louis P., where are you when we actually need you?

                                                       Louis Godena

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