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You(Richard) wrote:>

>Hello - I join this list about a month ago and I have just finished
>the back log of postings and one thing that striked me was the petty

    Carlos Asks:

    What do you call "petty squabbling"?  The discussions on Market
    Socialism vs. state=centered economy?, the thread disputing claims
    from the rump bunch of murderers of Leftists, Snining Path? The
    discussions now beginning about LPA? The exchange about
    subjectivity or Spinoza?  What exactly are you talking about?

>I know people are members of different left parties/orgainasions and
>have to say that"our parties are better than yours", but I think it is
>to put more positive ideas of uniformity forward.


    Who exactly are you talking about?  Your own comrades? The
    Stalinists United Counter-revolutionary -reformist front of
    Godenas-Quispe-Scott Marshall-CKates and Matt "Dillon"? the
    omnes of the kind of "Chris London" who in their effort to
    stand in the middle always he hit twice? Or a number of
    Trotskyists, anarchists, Troskyists-Castroites and son on
    who disagree on many things but stand together in a couple
    principples issues?

    In other words, we see tendencies, alliances which are cosntructed
    and then dissappear, everyone against everyone, then blocks, very
    lively List, indeed.... Don't mess around with our fun!

>I am a member of the British section of the Committee for a Workers
>International (Militant Labour) and as we all know my party is better
>yours - but seriously,  in Militant Labour in Britain we have put the
>of Socialist Alliances into practice, meetings up and down the country
>taken place.

    This stuff is interesting, Richard. But I have a question for you.

    I counted the number of participants in the meetings you mentioned
    and they are less that 1,000.  Militant have two three times that
    number, isn't?  Then, only one third of the organization
    participated and, moreover .... if only 1,000 participated in these
    meetings, how many were from other tendencies and how many from
    Militant? )
>The enemy is the World capitalists............


    Sure, Richard, but isn't Stalinism and Socialdemocracy "agents of
    the world capitalism inside the working class"?  Isn't fighting the
    Stalinists (like Shining Path, CPUSA and others) part of that
    struggle against reformism and, therefore, against the agents of
    capitalism inside the working class?


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