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Fri Feb 23 21:26:23 MST 1996

 >> All I know about this is that the people who use profanity on this list
 in an indiscriminate and incessant manner tend to drag down the level of
 the discussion. Polemical points can be made better with a scalpel than a
sledge-hammer. Alex Cockburn has been devastating over the years to all
manners of fakes and reformists without once ever using a four-letter word. <<
Louis P.

 Amen to this. You can drop into any worksite in the country and hear all the
profanity you want. That doesn't mean it leads anywhere in the class struggle.
In fact, generally it simply functions as a safety valve for most people. It's
pretty easy to cuss the boss in private and go schmooze him five minutes

 I do reserve the right for a little cussing however, when confronted by a
particularly rusty and bent piece of locomotive brake rigging.

 Best, Jon Flanders

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