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Fri Feb 23 22:29:43 MST 1996

> To:     Revolutionary Marxists
> From:   Joseph Green, editor, Communist Voice

Wrong address. We're mostly just a bunch of revisionists, Trotskyites,
Stalinists, class collaborationists, and academics.

>                          COMMUNIST VOICE ENTERS 1996

A historic event! [BTW, we entered 1996 on January 1, not February 23].

>      * Lead: Who are the communists?

Wait ... don't tell me. I know: It's the Communist Voice, right?

>      * They are not sure about socialism or anything at all/Boston group
> throws up its hands

Oh, dear: they're not sure about *anything* at all? Did they get hit on
the head with a brick?

>      * Sucking up to the Sophists: Novack and materialism--a review of
> Novack's "Origins of Materialism"

I thought George was dead and the book was published in the 1970's. In
the next issue, are you going to review Hegel's _Lectures on the History
of Philosophy_?

>      * The 5th Estate curses communism

Tell them to stay away from this li*t. We don't like foul language here.

>      * Reply: huffing and puffing won't eliminate the capitalist marketplace

Do tell.

>      * In memory of Engels, 1820-1895

Poor Fred.

>      "Communist Voice" is the successor to the "Workers' Advocate". It
> continues the anti-revisionist cause to which the WA was dedicated. <snip>

Blah. Blah.


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