The Prophet's Children by Tim Wohlforth

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Sat Feb 24 12:46:09 MST 1996

    I finished reading the book that Tim was so kind to send me (I
    could not find it in the usual places where I buy books).  I
    will be writting a book review for Left Opposition, maybe in
    issue #3 (couple months from now)

    But I would like to post now some things that crossed my mind
    while reading it:

    a. I would suggest that everybody who is active in left politics
    will try to write their memories.  It is so interesting!

    b. I do not think, as other has expressed, that Tim has abandoned
    many of his old ideas, only few.

    c. The book contains some *very humorous* passages (I laugh a
    lot at the image of James Robertson with the American flag, for

    d. The book is very unevenly written.  Some parts are very well
    written (specially when Tim tried to synthetize his own and other
    groups' political positions).  I particularly found *extremely*
    useful the description and life inside the SWP and his explanation
    of the branch factionalism, etc

    e. I was shocked by the lack of knowledge of Tim, being as he was
    an important leader of the International Committee led by Healy
    of the developments and reality of the Trotskyist movement outside
    Britain and the US.

    f. The book needs proofreading of the words, name of
    organizations,etc that are in Spanish -- he basically misspelled
    names and places.

    g. I was stunned by his honesty and the fact that he was able to
    write the book in the way he did.

    Bye for now,


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