Unity as organizational fetishism

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se
Sat Feb 24 17:39:33 MST 1996

Louis P wrote:

>Odd, this sort of thing strikes me as being similar to Jim
>Miller's superior attitude in defense of the SWP. Aren't we lucky to have
>people on the list who have all the answers and are ready to lead
>humanity to socialism.

Didn't Ryan D's attitude in defence of that USec article strike you as,
well, a wee bit superior? I mean, he was jumping to conclusions on no
evidence at all.

'All the answers' sounds just like Ryan D. If you don't just want to belt
me across the mouth with a club, why don't you be explicit about where you
think I'm wrong (or superior or whatever) and either tell us why I'm wrong
or demand clarification.

Using 'ready to lead humanity to socialism' as a put-down is a bit strange
on a Marxist discussion forum. Unless of course you think the job of a
party is to follow humanity to socialism.

Your admiration for Pablo and your jumping to the defence of the USec party
project here seem to indicate a streak of objectivism in relation to the
development of society towards socialism. It'll happen anyway.

Why didn't you say something about the policy issues in relation to Turkey?



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