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Sun Feb 25 06:06:12 MST 1996

Chris, London wrote:

> IMO  we ought to accept that we are collectively publishing an organ
> called the Proceedings of the Internet International Marxism Corresponding
> Society,

You seem to be searching for a functional re-definition of the l*st. I
don't think that's necessary. BTW, "Internet International" is
repetitive. "Corresponding" is also repetitive since we are a mailing
l*st. "Society" sounds like we get together once a month to sip tea
and eat lettuce sandwiches,

> OPTION 1 - Do nothing, Same as present with momentum continuing more so.

To be preferred over the other alternatives lis*ed.

> OPTION 2 - I asked Spoon if a time delay could be put into the majordomo
> software of say 12 hours (six, 24?). The initial response from Spoon
> was that doing this to majordomo would affect all Spoon lists, including
> lower volume and less controversial ones, in which the prompt response
> time is valued and little disadvantage.

We had time delays recently. Did it help? NOT.

This would effectively be a way of self-censorship. Who is to say that
someone ELSE should not write an immediate response? On what grounds?

> OPTION 3 - Putting everyone on marxism-digest automatically. This option
> has been canvassed before.<snip>
> Another commented on l'st that his software is such that it is much
> easier to include a quote from the mail on which you are commenting if
> you can reply post by post. This rather illustrates that the
> present system is set up in a way that favours  rapid
> response. My query here is surely modern systems are likely to be nested
> in Windows or something similar, with an edit, cut, copy, and paste function.
> I find this little hardship for somewhat less frequent postings. If we
> had many subscribers in Africa who could only just afford the ordinary
> e-mail but could not afford Windows software, I would feel more persuaded.
> But I doubt if they could afford us even as ordinary e-mail.

You make way too many assumptions about the capabilities of the Net
systems that we use and our hardware (e.g. modem speeds). For instance, a
large number of subscribers use .edu addresses and the Net systems are
frequently not advanced. PINE, for instance, is a DOS system. Some other
.edu systems won't allow you to edit or spellcheck at all.

IMHO, you are looking for a technical answer to what is a

In any event:

Why have you chosen this time to TALK ABOUT THE LI*T? Don't you get it?
We are better off talking about Marxi*sm or Msixram.


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