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On Saturday, Feb 17, Mihalis Raptis, better known as Michel Pablo, died.
Pablo became involved with the trotskyist movement before world war
II. In the 1930s, he participated, along with Pandelis Pouliopoulos
in building the greek section of the fourth international. Secratary of
the 4th international for almost 20 years, from 1943 to 1961, he
participated actively in the algerian revolution, for which
participation he was, under some pretext, expelled from the USec in
1964. From 1963 to 1965 he was economic advisor to the algerian
government of Ahmed Ben Bella. In 1972-73 he was in Chile "to study the
participation of the working people in the country's economy". After the
fall of the greek dictatorship, he returned to Greece. During his more
than 6 decades of participation in the movement, he has shown an
unyielding commitment to the cause of socialism. In the last years of
his life, he struggled for the unity of the progressive movement, a
unity which he believed should be broader than the so-called trotskyist
forces. In spite of his advanced age, he was very energetic in the
campaign against the UN-imposed embargo against Iraq, in the support of
Serbs against the attacks of imperialism, organising international
conferences, struggling for the idea of the formation of international
brigades to fight against imperialism wherever it intervened.
 His funeral took place in Athens yesterday, attended by thousands of
people. Present were comrades from many countries, people who came to
know him personally during the course of his life, a life totally
devoted to the interests of mankind as he understood them. The
goverments of Iraq, Cuba, Algeria, Libya, The general Mladitc, his
comrades from the Maghreb, friends from Vietnam paid hommage, by the
participation of their representatives or by sending a wreath, to one of
the great figures of the old guard of our movement.
Those who had the luck to know him personally, will always remember his
calmness which was only disrupted by his passion for the liberation of
the oppressed all over the world, his total devotion to the movement,
devoid of any personal motives.
Within days of his death, several parties came forward to claim that, at
the close of his life, he had finally been persuaded of their
(respective) ideas. If we are to believe them, he had finally renounced
all his ideas and convictions, without of course letting know those who
were close to him. We even heard that, in the last weeks of his life, he
started to believe and pray in god (or allah). All in secret of course.
These otherwise unimportant incidents, would have greatly amused him, if
he were still alive.
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