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>Quispe, you degenerate, bigoted peice of shit!  You've gone too far
>this time in your baiting of Proyect, and in your nasty anti-semitic
>slanders against our Jewish comrade.  Get off this list, you useless
>bastard.  Get the fuck out and fast!

     I'm sorry, but this hateful crap is uncalled for!  If you can't defend
your political positions, and must resort to name-calling and cussing, you're
the one who should just shut up!
     The articles from New Flag have provided much evidence against the
senderologists who write for Nacla; they have provided much evidence to
counter the LIE that the PCP arbitrarily executes its "leftist" opponents,
and much evidence about how many "leftists" objectively and often, especially
in the circumstances of a People's War, *consciously* serve the interests of
the old oppressive order.
     Proyect made a self-criticism about some of the things he has said here,
but then thinks it's "humor" to joke (or is it not a joke?--that would be
even worse) about lounging around reading French poetry while being waited on
by servants.  Sorry, but "fake leftist" is a correct name for that kind of
    Supporters of the PCP *have* posted their thoughts in their own words--or
have you not been paying attention?  You're certainly free to read what you
like and post what you like, but shit like the above just proves the point
Quispe is making about there being a "huge toxic waste landfill" to clean up
on the "left".


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