re-peru and propaganda

Luis Quispe lquispe at
Sun Feb 25 11:37:19 MST 1996

> Most of our supporters in NYC are from Jewish background and we are
  proud of them. But as Marxists we must understand that as an any
  religion, gender, race and ethnicity there are reactionaries and
  revolutionaries or progressives. This imperialist system by nature is
  racist and anti-semite, however, it is the most rightwing Zoinists groups
  of the type of the JDL, Antidifamation League (close to the cops) and
  liberal anti-communist outlets such as the NYT or NY POst, Nacla
  who have used the term "anti-semita" to coin it on political opponents
  of oppressed communities (Blacks, Latinos, etc.) I am not not talking
  about fascists like Farrakan, but dozens of others grass root activists.
  With regard to Proyect and based on his own writings, he is the most
  vicious political prostitute that NYC can provide, a super-degenerate
  who pass from Party to Party w/o any relevant contribution and them
  publicly reveal their filthy laundry (what he does is worse than
  Trosky), lastly he ended up in CoC, just watch how long Proyect with last
  with you...he is a political whore.

  With regard to Peru, Proyect has been promoting contrarrevolutionary
  agants known as Senderologists with debts of blood in their hands: Ivan
  Degregori, Raul Gonzales, Gorriti and the mediocre apprentices
  of Senderology the Renique Bros (Gerardo and Jose) who have
  gratiously slander for years w/o any shred of evidence the Peruvian
  revolution, the thousands of Peruvian Communists who with their
  arms in their hands are writing the history of the Americas and
  of Marxism.
  Viva Marx, Lenin and Mao!
  Down with the followers of Gorbachov, Teng, Krushchov and Trosky!

> Quispe, you degenerate, bigoted peice of shit!  You've gone too far
> this time in your baiting of Proyect, and in your nasty anti-semitic
> slanders against our Jewish comrade.  Get off this list, you useless
> bastard.  Get the fuck out and fast!
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