Speaking for Myself...

LeoCasey at aol.com LeoCasey at aol.com
Sun Feb 25 12:38:07 MST 1996

It appears that the Shining Path apologists are a tag team of cockroaches.
When one of the little insects disappears under the toleit, he passes the
baton on to the next little vermin. We can have posts for now until the end
of time in which they insult and cast slurs upon those who have the nerve to
disagree with them about such little details as mass murder.

Now, if it gives others some pleasure to trade posts with them, be my guest.
Pleasure is a strange thing, and some of us get it in strange ways. All I
know is that they feed off these posts, just like vultures off of cadavers,
and that they give me a migraine. So speaking for myself, I am just going to
ignore them; when enough of us do it, they will move on to another apartment.


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