Siddharth Chatterjee siddhart at
Sun Feb 25 16:57:34 MST 1996

Dear Leo Casey,

Your exchanges with some of the other members of this list with whom
you disagree has been getting more and more enlightening! You are
revealing in all glory your truly "Marxist credentials". Finally,
you have descended to the level of using language ("cockroaches" as
you, in a recent post, described some people) which was popular in the
Third Reich and among the various Neo-Nazi outfits today. Remember this;
Hitler used the term "vermin" to describe the Jews the "rationale" for whose
extermination he gave in his last testament ("The Last Testament of
Adolf Hitler"). It is not hereby suggested that you are akin to Hitler
or the Nazis but it appears that the unconscious seepage of fascist-type
thinking and vocabulary can even affect the "left" intellegentsia. You,
presuambly, are a teacher. So is this the kind of legacy you would like to
give to your students? Who will educate the educators?

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