Buchanan and the Left

B Mayer concrete at idiom.com
Sun Feb 25 22:17:28 MST 1996

Carrol Cox wrote:
>     I must have missed the message to which this is a reply. Who is
> Professor Hopper, and where is he/she coming out in support of G.F.?
>     There is another possible perspective on the Buchanan campaign. Back
> in late 1988 someone wisecracked that the Dukakais campaign provided a
> field day for conspiracy theorists: i.e., it seemed almost only to make
> sense as a ruse to elect Bush. One might remark that the Buchanan campaign
> could appear a ruse to elect Clinton.
>     But "seriously," its objective impact is apt to be to scare a lot
> of wobbling leftists back into the Democratic fold once more, just this
> once again to prevent some unimaginable evil.
> <snip>
>     Carrol

Nah, the U.S. "Left" was rounded up into the Deomocratic Party by Jesse Jackson
and Workers' World many months before Buchanan made his mark on the electoral
scene.  They were scared shitless by the "Republican revolution" in 1994,
which was a "conspiricy", all right, but not one to buffalo the Left back into
the D.P. Just ask Scott Marshall.

				-Brad Mayer

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